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Direct Benefit Transfer Solutions

Innovative Conditional Cash Transfer Solutions

Donor mobilization and distribution Data Capture

Data monetization solutions

Simulation, Analytics and Visualization Welfare Program Management

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One Solution for the Humanitarian Sector.

ONE Solution is designed to operate completely offline, with no need for any additional manual data entry

Emergency Kit - Incorporate cash kits into disaster preparedness planning

One Platform - encompasses all aspects of the RedRose ONEsolution

One App - GPS to track every transaction or attendance

ONE Card - The Easy E-Voucher Solution Tool

ONE Voucher - paper based commodity or cash voucher

ONE SMS - Mobile Money Solution

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Solutions for e-Government and Social Development

e-Governmental solutions on Information Technology

Development of Open Registries – private sector initiated databases

Common Open Data Exchange (CODEX) and Straight Through Processes (STP) Solutions for public and private sector information systems

Project Evaluation and Monitoring using Crowd Sourced Feedback Loops

Data monetization solutions

Solutions for Solid Minerals and Environmental Development

Features Regular
GIS and geo-spatial solutions
Automation of Environmental Impact Analysis
Business and Operations Solutions for Mining and Quarries

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