Some of Our Solutions

Some of Our Solutions


Welfare Trading and DashMe Donor Aggregation Platform

Remedia has developed an IT enabled solution for the humanitarian sector for the mobilization and distribution of donor funds and welfare from individuals, corporates and government agencies. This solution is known as ‘Welfare Trading’ and uses a web and mobile application platform known as “DashMe” for mobilization and distribution of funds or Donations in Kind (DiK).

Welfare Trading ensures that donations for social development, welfare or humanitarian causes are ‘tied’ to local economic development. The platform thus connects distribution systems to local producers and retailers of basic goods and staples.

Typically, the practice from foreign donors is ‘tied’ aid where aid is sourced from foreign producers of retailers and delivered to the needy. Though understandable, this approach continues to under-develop needy communities and is akin to providing fish for the hungry instead of teaching to fish.

Welfare Trading addresses this gap and instead teaches people to fish – by directing the donations in cash and kind at local networks of artisans and micro business in the target areas so they can deliver basic goods and services to the beneficiaries.

DashMe provides the following in addition:

  • Data and Analytics for planning and decision making
  • Reporting for transparency and impact measurement
  • Direct benefit transfer

This also serves to minimize the effect of middle men and public institutions.

Artisans Hub Mart

This is an innovative online and mobile platform that organizes and allows users to procure the services of artisans.  Remedia has built a network of artisans – construction workers, domestic workers and other freelance blue collar workers whose services can be requested on demand.

This provides customers with a safe and secure platform for engaging short term artisans for domestic or business services.

Artisans are also mobilized through the Artisans Hub Initiative (AHI), and empowered with skills acquisition training and access to shared services and social services hitherto outside their reach – like health and disability insurance, home ownership, tools rental and business expansion loans.


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Solutions for Solid Minerals and Environmental Development

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